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​Bud Suse


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If you have never managed a complex enterprise sales campaign, try this experiment.  Assume you have now convinced your inside Mentor, Coach or Sponsor that your solution is a perfect fit.  Assume you will win the complex enterprise campaign before you.

​Now, on a sheet of paper, list the events you believe will need to be conducted over the life of the campaign, an event like a demo, a proposal, etc.  Give yourself about 10 minutes.  Try it.

​If you struggle to list more than 9 or 10 events, don't be surprised.  Most who try this exercise experience the same issue.

​The potential is 30 eventsMany campaigns approach 20 events...some more.  Knowing the possibilities, and being able to anticipate likely events helps tremendously in compacting the cycle.  My book, Winning Complex Enterprise Sales  is all about proactive campaign management...detailing the likely events you will need to conduct.  $9.99 on Amazon.